Turtle with head pulled into it's shell

Ever feel like this turtle when it comes to selling?


Ever Felt Reluctant To Share Your Ideas, Services Or Products Because of Shyness, Social Anxiety, Fear of Rejection, Criticism or Embarrassment?

Now Discover Powerful Secrets To Communicate Comfortably, Confidently, Easily…PERSUASIVELY (Without Becoming A Pushy Jerk)”

Chances are you, like me are a creative, intelligent, caring, talented professional with so much to offer your prospective clients.

Once you have a client you give incredible service. You go the extra mile you care deeply about treating your customers fairly and honorably. The problem is, “How do I get more clients?” right?

But “selling” is not just about clients, customers, prospects is it? It’s ultimately about persuasion, leadership and being able to effectively serve other people with your talents, abilities, resources and passion.

  • Are you a professional who doesn’t really think of yourself as “being in sales” but you realize success in your career depends upon expressing your ideas and abilities so that others can understand and support you.
  • Are you a parent who is trying to convince your children to stay away from drugs? Or to eat vegetables instead of crap?
  • Are you a teacher trying to ignite your student’s imaginations and assist them to learn…
  • Maybe you’re newly single and have no clue how to “sell” yourself to members of the opposite sex.
  • Are you someone who cares about making the world a better place to live? Try sharing your message with others without sales skills and you will soon be all alone on your street corner.
  • Want your husband to pick up his socks? Or your wife to cuddle more?

The needs and possibilities are endless.

The bottom line is that being able to communicate your ideas, abilities, services, and products to others in a way that leads them to take action is one of the most necessary and demanding skill sets EVERY person needs regardless of whether you are in business or not.

If you can communicate effectively and persuasively you will always eat. You will have friends and supporters. You will have great romantic relationships. You will make a positive difference in the world. You will be able to look back on your life and see what you were able to accomplish. You will also have a lot more fun.

BTW, If you LOVE to sell I can help you do it better, faster, easier and more profitably. Chances are even if you are reasonably successful as a sales person, you are always open to new ideas that can take you beyond the reach of your competitors.


What’s in The Sales Course:

It’s set up in two parts.

The first part is the Internal Influence: How you communicate with yourself.

That’s the stuff that’s going on inside your own mind that either makes or breaks you. Since you’re here reading this right now, I’d be willing to bet that it’s beating up on the inside to some degree am I right? The internal sale section delivers:

  • 7 powerful tools to get you out of fear, anxiety, procrastination and self sabotage and feeling confident and empowered.
  • Triggers for Motivation & Resourcefulness
    We are each in charge of our own motivation…You will gain the power to influence yourself
    internally at will. This technique empowers sales and business professionals when they use it in what used to be difficult situations. You will be guided into experiencing a powerful state of motivation, confidence and resourcefulness. You will learn how to “anchor” those powerful states so you can recall and experience that state any time!
  • Programming Future Goals
    The best way to predict the future is to create it. Go beyond traditional goal setting with a
    breakthrough method that will enable you to literally “program” your goals out into the future so
    they happen just the way you want.
  • Introduction to Rapid Rapport
    Connecting with other people and building trust first begins with us and is an internal process that
    leads us outward in a positive and powerful way.

Once you get your head straight you are ready to work on the second part which is…

The External Influence: How you communicate to others.

  • How to create connection and magical rapport within 90 seconds (even on the phone).
  • How to handle objections
  • How to determine if your prospect is even worth your time.
  • How to discover your prospects unconscious decision making strategies and communicate to them the way they prefer you to… this is so powerful you will experience your prospect doing most of the “selling” to get you to let them buy!
  • Strengthening Trust and Identifying Decision Making Strategies
  • Putting It All Together: The Five Steps to Sales Success

bonus: my original “Reluctant Sales Person Course” on audio and pdf $497 value.